Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Missing CMD function in Powershell

As a network admin I type c:\>start \\RemoteMachine\c$
at the command prompt about 100 times a day.

I like using it because it keeps the run line on my servers and management box clean, call me nitpicky.

But Powershell doesn't have this basic command, and It annoys me to no end.
For me to be able to go 100% PoSH. I would need that command.

lets say...

Start-Location -path \\RemoteMachine\c$
or written with an alias
Start \\RemoteMachine\c$

Ok so I know you do this...

(new-object -comObject Shell.Application).open("\\RemoteMachine\c$")


I thought Powershell was supposed to reduce typing

Don't get me wrong I love Powershell as much as the next tech.


I wonder it I can use Script CMDlets to turn that into a CMDlet

Just Rambling I guess,

May The PoSH Be With You,
Powershell Jedi


halr9000 said...

Easy. 'ii \\server\share'

Try 'ii .' also, that's a neat one.

PowerShellJedi said...

Wow thanks, I must still be a Newbie Haha!! I will be using this tidbit for years to come.