Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Finding Powershell information on the Internet

Over the Past few months is have evolved into a Powershell junkie.

This is how I find information about Powershell on the Internet.

1.) Google News Alerts - I create several news alerts for phrases like "Powershell", "Powershell WMI", Powershell Snover, Powershell 2.0 2 CTP3 -CTP2 -Beta -2008 (the minus subtracts the following phrase from the search results). Next, I create a folder called "News Alerts - Powershell" in my email client of choice "Yahoo" and a filter that auto sorts all emails containing the word "Powershell" in the subject line into it. Any Time anything is posted any where on the web and is searched by google will be sent directly to me :)

2.) Delicious: I keep a list of interesting Powershell links on Delicious. I'm sure your familiar with Delicious it's very easy to see what other people interested in Powershell have book marked. I often peek at halr9000 from (PowershellCommunity.org)'s Bookmarks.

3.) Powshell Toolbar This Toolbar has links to all of the Major Powershell Blogs, Sites and Online Resources.

Ok, Now that I found all this Information on Powershell my only problem is sifting through it all.

May The PoSH Be With You
Powershell Jedi

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