Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Powershell 2.0 Remoting

Lately I've been spending more time with Powershell Version 2. Mainly because The next release of Powershell 2.0 Will be released within the December 08/January09 Time Frame. It will be called CTP3 (Community Technology Preview 3) or Beta. The main thrust of version 2 of Powershell is Remoting. During my Studies I found it very confusing when because a bunch of terms where thrown around.

Terms like WinRM, WSMan, WMI. Here’s the annoying part, their all related to remoting yet no one explained the relationship between them. Not until I found a video by the Creator of Powershell Jeffery Snover who mentioned in response to a question reguarding the relation between WinRM and WSMan (WSManagement). So here it is, Short and Sweet.

WinRM is Microsoft’s Implementation of WSMan

So their basicaly the same thing!!

Moving Forward, Microsoft Remoting Technology will be all based around the WSMan protocol

WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) is an older technology that has been built into windows for a while. The Get-WmiObject CMDlet is how you do remoting in Powershell Version 1.0. The Problem with WMI is it uses DCOM (Distributited COM) which is blocked by most firewalls You can get at the WMI info of a system over a firewall using WinRM because it uses port 80, http or https based and uses the SOAP protocol hence the WS in WSMan. The WS stands for Web Services. As I said before "Web Services Management" (WSMan) is an industry wide standard regulated by the DTMF. It is intended to manage computers, switch, raw hardware basicly everything "in the near future".

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what happen when Port 80 is also blocked for Servers